June 16, 2018 2 min read

Hi lovelies! Bikini Body? It is not too late. Summer is JUST around the corner and even though you might not have your bikini body yet - no fear nuMe is here! It is not too late to start now.

Bikini Body? It is not too late I have to admit I have never been too much into sports so when you start getting older you become aware of your body more. You suddenly gain weight quicker, get tired bit quicker if you don't eat right so nuMe was the best choice for me really.If you are anything like me - you will love nuMe too :). Also I am not only worried about the summer I also want to look good and healthy on our wedding dayand that is why I have started using nuMe last year. With summer just around the corner it is not too late as with nuMe you can lose up to 9kg per month!!!!! Yes you read that right. Summer body here we come. nuMe products contain all nutrients + collagen needed for a healthy weight loss and has only 118kcal per serving. However note you are never hungry as you have 6 portions per day (800kcal). Either you go for delicious shake, veggie soup or delicious slim bar - your choice how you divide the snacks and portions.I tend to mix and match - meaning I would start with nuMe and then have a healthy lunch however finishing the day with nuMe again. Info_grafike-05-2   Also to speed up the process of getting your body toned they have the NBG - nuMe body Guideprogramme where you can do the exercise anytime and anywhere. So easy and efficient = you can always adapt to your tempo. As I have said..Bikini Body? It is not too late. Join me on a delicious nuMe journey. Use my -15% discount code on Slim packs: SANJA15 and for individual items my -20%discount code: SANJA20    

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