August 06, 2017 3 min read

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Hi everyone! I have been getting many messages on how I keep in shape however most of the time I was lying to myself and you with all the images where I would look fitter from one angle but maybe not so much from another one. And the fact that me and Matej are getting married in a year - it was time to do something and do it now! So the secret is out! Check how to lose 3kg in a week with nuMediet food regime! While browsing through the web I discovered nuMe- nutritional and beauty diet food & supplements. I saw that many girls I followed on social media have been using it and first thought it is just marketing and promotion however when I went to their website I actually found out what nuMe is all about! For me what matters the most is that the food - or supplements I eat are healthy and safe. As we all know many of the diets are not. So when I read that nuMe actually provides 100% input of vitamins, minerals and nutrition your body needs on daily basis - I was convinced! Also everyone that knows me I turn into a "She Devil" when I am hungry so when I read that nuMe dietary food regime plan consists of 6 meals per day I knew this is for me. Matej was mostly convinced by the fact that if you stick to their plan they guarantee you lose from 1.5 - 3kg per week (3.3 - 6.6 pounds / week). And it is true! Exactly what happened to me so I went straight to my perfect weight so now I just have to sustain it. Which is easier said than done as I am such a sweet tooth. But they also have the solution for all of us that crave sweet stuff all the time! They have the most delicious Slim Bars that taste so chocolate-y (but don’t be fooled they contain only 4 g of sugars and 11 g of protein) and soft chewy caramels' which reduce your appetite. Yes that exists!! I was shocked too haha. Their packaging looks so stylish and you can take it everywhere. So pack your shakes, soups and slim bars and look fit all the time. At least that's what I do :D! One more thing - as I always lack time and am not a big fan of exercise and gym's they offer the most amazing service. NBG is a workout, coaching and motivation plan they have online and it can be done at home, at the park or anywhere you desire at anytime. Perfect! That is what I am talking about I can't be bothered to drive to the gym as I can do it at home.
Also a few interesting facts:
• Packaging was designed by world known industrial designer Karim Rashid (packaging is multifunctional, biodegradable and eco-friendly) . The package design has also won the Design Packaging Core 77 Design Awards 2017  !
nuMeslim food is good for nutritional treatment of obesity which can be used as a sole source 6 portions a day and proven effective in multiple clinical studies and satisfied users
• No GMO, gluten-free, no added sugar, each portion has 12 g of protein
I started with nuMe to get fit for the wedding however I am also happier as I feel healthier, I look better and all that collagen in the shakes is making my skin glow! As I ordered so much they sent me discount codes and pssstttt - I am giving them to you so if you are ordering add the codes before you checkout :)! You'll thank me later :)! Feel free to follow them on their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.  

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