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How to stay fit during pregnancy without any exercise This picture shows me at 29 weeks pregnant although I am at almost 33 weeks pregnant now. Time does fly.. :)
  Hi ladies! Has been a while! Being pregnant and running around London doesn't leave me much time to blog. I thought I'd have more time but nope, seems less. I have been asked many times how I keep fit during pregnancy and this is how I have done it. So here it answer to: How to stay fit during pregnancy without any exercise.   First of all I have to say that I was a bit lucky as for some reason I wasn't craving any sweet stuff for first five months. Which is quite unusual for me as I adore anything that is sweet. Well now the story has completely changed as all I can think about is chocolate hahah. What I did to stay in shape:
  1. WALK! What helped me stay fit mostly was my minimum 7km walk per day. Mostly was a fast walk and took me around 45min overall. Don't worry you don't have to walk 45min straight, I have done half in the morning, half evening. And over weekends we did up to 14km. We just walked around London city, parks, stopped for lunch, coffee and continued. So it didn't really feel as exercising.
  2. I NEVER ate for two. This is an old myth and any doctor will tell you that eating for two is not good for you. Eat for you, eat healthy and baby will get everything you need. As long as you include loads of veggies and fruit as well so baby gets all vitamins and minerals needed. Also if you gain too much weight you are risking getting a diabetes which won't help neither you or the baby. And you will be stuck with it even after birth.
  3. WHAT TO EAT? During the week I "tried" to stay as healthy as possible. When I said tried I also mean sometimes failed haha. The hardest was first 3 months as you feel hungry all the time so make sure you don't starve yourself. Mostly I ate healthy. - Breakfast (soy yogurts with granola, or porridge with fruit/nuts, avocado on toast..) - Lunch (gluten free rice dishes with veggies, rich salads with veggies, falafel, halloumi cheese, quinoa..) - Dinner (fish, salads with shrimp and veggies, rich soups, yogurts with fruit, veggies, rice with veggies and shrimp..) During week time I avoidedeating bread, pasta, fried food, pizzas, desserts. During the weekendwe would indulge in gluten free pasta with home made sauce, even pizza from time to time, potatoes,fish.... And now in my 7th month unfortunately I can't resist cookies and chocolates. After my 6th month my sugar levels dropped and all I can think of is chocolate haha.
  4. VITAMINS!We all lack some vitamins so make sure you visit your pharmacy and talk to your doctor as soon as getting pregnant as they will advise you take pregnancy vitamins to make sure your bay develops properly. Eating fruit and veg also helps a lot!
Of course everyone knows their body best so please sure that most of all you are healthy and taking care of your body and your baby. Some people love doing more sports than others. So for me - walking was the best option. So again, do whatever is best for you.

Hope any of my advice helped and you enjoyed this post. Feel free to check our Baby Gender Reveal Post with video (HERE).

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