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Hi lovelies! Took me a while to post this however here we go. This was Nicolai’s first long-haul flight. Our  amazing family trip to Mexico. This was our second time here. Our first trip was in 2016 and we absolutely loved it. Also we got engaged here so I am very fond of this place. And this time around it was even more special as we traveled with our baby.

FLYING with a baby:
Some of you were asking how was it to travel long-haul with a 10 month old and I have to say he was so good. Didn't cry once in 9 hours and people were actually coming to us saying they cannot believe how good he was. I also think it depends on the character of the baby and also how parents behave. If you're nervous or anxious your baby will pick up your vibe and he will get fussy. 

We wanted to experience it all over again so we returned to the “crime-scene” , back to our Kin Sol Soleil in Maroma Beach. This beach was named as one of the most romantic beaches in the world and I must say my hubby did well. He proposed by candlelight dinner next to the sea and it was the most romantic thing I have ever experienced. Then we have stayed at their two floor suite where the second floor has their own rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi. So of course we have booked the Angela2 suite again this time.
The owner was so lovely she took Nicolai in a pram and circled around us so we can have some "us" time and enjoy this romanic dinner.

Then we wanted to explore Tulum and see some of its beauties. We have hired a driver to take us around in a cab and stay with us for a day so we can go from one place to another and not worry about the transport. He also brought a new baby seat which was necessary. I believe we paid $50 for hours of his service and he was a really nice man. We went to see different beach locations, amazing hotels, Ahau Tulum where we were amazed by Daniel Poppers grand statue. We went into Casa Malcawhich was previously owned by notorious Pablo Escobar. The place is something we have never seen before. Many contemporary artists have their work exhibited there and wow it really is a unique place. We were required to pay 2000 MXN pesos before we have entered which covered the entrance and some food with drinks. We probably had one of the nicest lunch locations on the beach it really was amazing. Also we had enjoyed Hotel Coco's Beach Club Bar and a cute swing. What a resort wow.

We are so grateful that we could experience Mexico together with Nicolai. And as our engagement was on the 1st Nov 2016 we have also experienced the Day of The Dead Celebration then & now and we LOVE it. See our Youtube video to see how amazing it looked. 

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