October 14, 2019 2 min read


This post has been written by me and is sponsored by Replay Jeans.

  Hi lovelies! Do you still remember when you first heard of REPLAY Jeans? I certainly do! I was in my teenage years and it was known that if you had a pair of REPLAY's you were definitely one of the cool kids. I remember taking my mom to the shop with me as I fell in love with one of their jeans but my mom refused to buy them right then. So I have pestered and begged her for weeks and she caved-in HA! Those babies were finally mine. E81D1435-153D-4FCD-A84A-D85F0264FD7B I felt like a rock star, really. Back then I was looking up to supermodels like Claudia, Cindy, Naomi and they were all rocking denim. Oh the 90's and the denim era. And even now..almost every person has a pair of jeans in their closet. Right? It is a must-have item. So for this Autumn/Winter I wanted to order a cool pair of jeans that would fit perfectly on any sneakers, boots or heels. And I found a perfect fit for me on REPLAY website. Once I saw Boyfit Jeans I had to have them. Fyi they are SO comfortable. The material breathes, it is stretchy and as I've said - comfortable. 9CDFE099-94C3-4601-8740-E050AB9A342F Once you are past your teenage years and uncomfortable clothes you only want comfort in your life. At this stage I only buy comfortable clothes and I give more attention to quality. I don't mind paying a bit more knowing that I will have a piece that will last me for 10years rather than buying something I will throw away in a month! The material makes them wearable in any season; Summer or Winter, you name it. I was set on getting a pair of jeans that were a loose fit and that had a rolled up detail so Boyfit Jeans were my winner. But you have so many styles to choose from - from slim fit to loose, from light to dark, low rise - high waist.. Check them out you won't be sorry. 2BA5D7F1-C85C-46E8-8251-A51C630B9009 If you have visited REPLAY website you'll see that it is hard to order only one item. Apart from Boyfit Jeans I have also gotten this beautiful Boat Neck Shirt. The combination is a "killer". I have added a coat and chunky ankle sneaker boot to this style, a pink purse and viola the perfect Autumn look is here. I hope you like it as I do. 93693860-7BEA-470B-ABB8-0416246C9190 30BA94ED-3318-4A5E-8F4F-3862EC6382B5

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