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Hi Fashionistas - I said YES! If you haven't heard yet or saw pictures on my INSTAGRAM no worries you can read all about it below! First of all I have to say that trip to Mexico was just perfect.

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After 10 hours of flight we have finally arrived to Mexico and first I was a bit disappointed as it was cloudy and I thought to myself "ugh even London has sunny days what the hell is this" however while driving to our resort the sun came up and made me happier straight away. When you're in the Caribbean you expect sunny weather 24/7 lol! When we have arrived to our Grand Palladiumresort I was amazed. The hotel is huge, bigger than any resort I have ever visited and they take care of 7 endangered animal species which is so cute. We have stayed in Jr. Suite and we loved it also there was a fruit basket with Champagne waiting for us in the room. Straight away we were off to dinner and was hard to choose as they have 13 restaurants! Yes you've read it right. We loved the resort! Funny enough my boyfriend was complaining about the weather as was not as sunny and was showery -  light rain on and off for first few days and I though that was quite odd as I was the usually one to complain about it not him but I didn't give it too much of a thought then.

So after a few nice days at resort he said we are going on a surprise trip and of course my radars were all active then. "What does that mean, could this be it?" but then at the same time I said to myself that I shouldn't give it too much thought as if it is supposed to happen it will and if not then it's not. We are best friends, soulmates and it actually wouldn't change a thing. The vacation was amazing anyways so I wanted to enjoy it. By the time you know it, it was 1st Nov. in the afternoon and we had a cab booked to take us to that surprise trip. When we arrived - Jan the manager of Kin Sol Soleilhad greeted us and I thought "wow do they greet and wait for every guest that comes?". He walked us through the indoor restaurant and when we stepped outside I was amazed. The Pavo Real'srestaurant view was perfect. First the view opens to dinner tables, pool, palm trees and of course the sea view - I have never seen a place this beautiful. While trying to capture everything with/on my phone my boyfriend tells me this place was rated as one of the most beautiful places in the world. We had a private table booked for us away from everyone, looking at the sea and let me just say the food was spectacular. We were enjoying the night and it was time for some dessert. Manager brings the plate saying "desert on the house" and leaves. I look at the plate and notice that the title of our song is written on it. At the same time our song starts playing, my boyfriend is on his knee already and I am in this state of shock when time kind of froze for me. I looked at the chocolate soufflé and there it was - the most beautiful heart shaped diamond ring. I could not believe this has happened although we have talked about it through years of our relationship and we both wanted it but when it finally happened I felt like the happiest person alive. So there we were later that night on the roof top terrace of our Honeymoon Suite. It just hit me that we are standing in the most romantic spot, somewhere in Mexico, away from our great Resort looking looking at the stars and sea with pure energy of love surrounding us. If I could I would re-live this moment 1000 times. I have imagined my engagement for many times and never thought that he could surpass my expectations. And now I get why he was so nervous and complaining about light rainy showers. Funny enough after that day we had just sunny days.Then it just hit me - I am going to be a wife...OMG who will plan my wedding :)?! Eek! Massive stomach punch feeling lol.

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