April 22, 2017 2 min read

White Lantern Sleeve Top

Hi Fashionistas!

I can't believe the week has already passed and I feel like we have just arrived to Dominican! Before going to dinner we took a few snaps of my styling and the top I'm wearing got lots of attention and praise. It is so cool to use. Jeans, shorts,skirt...you name it. Get this White Lantern Sleeve Top for only 19$! Check the link below. A4A4A6F5-879B-4362-B421-61C9C9E33CA3 BEE36FEE-DCC1-48F9-B662-6C870409BC0F 6002BE8A-E9FD-4998-961A-1488130D4C06 FFF0AFEA-4407-4ADC-B2D5-F0FCD79CCED1 E9F14CBF-7914-4A1D-9A22-3200540F7F2A DAECAE98-9193-4757-95D5-9A882B0414A7


WEARING White Lantern Sleeve TopHair extensions are from HERE Mulberry Bag Zara Sandals Tiffany & Co. necklace


While staying in this paradise I have realised how we always tend to complain and don't appreciate little things. Sometime you gotta go away, somewhere where  is complete serenity, where you appreciate little things and then it just hits you. When you stay in a place like this where you actually don't need anything else. You are just happy all the time. There is sunshine, palm trees, happy people, sand, sea, all-inclusive food and drink..ah it's like Candyland LOL! If I could choose I would stay here for at least a month and reset my batteries. Even a two-week stay here is not bad hey I am definitely not complaining haha. I also have to say that people are so happy here. Is it the sun, is it Mamajuana (their local drink) haha I am not sure but I'll have what they're having! A funny story though they always say that if you drink Mamajuana you will make babies. So we are NOT drinking it hahahahah. Sorry not sorry as I am not quite there yet :D. Also not sure if many people will be making babies here as per the Zika virus (it is quite dangerous for a fetus). Well this won't be our problem for a while now. First there is a wedding to plan (next year). Thankfully we have hired wedding planners to help us out. Also I have realised I wear so much White here. Almost every styling I have is white. I need to switch it up man :D. Oh and not sure If I mentioned the food here?!? Aghhhhh! My diet is going to hell as you have from unlimited Lobster, burgers, pizza, cakes, ice cream and on and on. And I just think I always look a bit pregnant hahahah (I am not though). Btw as I mentioned above you can get this amazing White Lantern Sleeve Top for just $19 HERE . And the Hair extensions are from HERE . Kisses from your London Fashion Blogger Bam Bam xxx

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