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October 31, 2016 2 min read


WEARING: Ruffle Blouse 

Denim Shorts

Hi Fashionistas! I am waving from the Caribbean - from Riviera Maya Mexico beach to be exact. And it is all about ruffle blouse and Caribbean sea LOL! It's probably necessary to say I am extreeeemly happy and I am enjoying every day to the fullest. I would stop the time if I could. img_5375   img_5373 img_5372 img_5371 img_5370 img_5368 Ah the palm trees, sea, sun, unlimited cocktails, unlimited amounts of food...and on and on. However as a fashion blogger I never forget to take pictures - dohh :)! I was waiting for a while to show you this amazing Ruffle Blouse and these great Denim Shorts  I love everything that is ruffle really. I think it looks so cute. And it just makes me twirl around haha. Although you might think that it's almost November and why on Earth would you buy this styling..well the blouse you can wear through all of the year really just put it under any jacket, parka, coat.. and the shorts - although it is cold in London I would wear them with over the knee boots and a long coat for those nights out with my friends. Cold doesn't have to mean you have to stop being sexy and stylish :)! We are staying at the Grand Palladium Colonial resort however will write about this in another post as it's so much to talk about. All I Can say is that we love it here and it is just breathtaking! The weather is great with a few showers here and there, beaches are beautiful and we are really looking forward to celebrate the Day of the dead where everyone gets masked up and celebrates. We can't wait to experience it. Also I can't wait to swim with the dolphins and I was happy to hear that the company which provides this service is animal friendly, they keep the dolphins in the sea and not pools and also some of the dolphins were even rescued by them. It was always my dream to spend some time with them and I am looking forward to it. Also what is really funny is we are already plotting the next destination for year 2017 and uh there are so many choices - where to goooo!!? Any suggestions? We have our bucket list however where would you go? Well lovelies I am going to the pool bar to get me a glass of delicious cocktail. Feel free to check my other post HERE.

WEARING: Ruffle Blouse 

Denim Shorts

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ruffle blouse and caribbean sea

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