May 30, 2017 3 min read

90's Kid! Hi Fashionistas! Hope you are well! The past weekend was just too good to be true. We had a heat wave here in London and felt like proper Summer! As you can see my styling fits the weather. I am actually crushing on this ootd as it just seems so "old school". I'm such a 90's Kid! 1B1CE234-6F12-4B4F-AF79-375D7ABE3055 B14805DF-BEFB-4645-B01B-99C111769670 4FC32D43-7C58-46AB-8A42-7081CC640A9D B9D40199-D0D9-4F72-892C-3EFCCACBEBC6 IMG_3091 IMG_3073 2014-09-28 01.19.26  


Ripped Elastic Waist Jeans

Cute Cropped Sweatshirt

Missguided Sandals

Burberry Bag

  I understand our time just flies by as we are busy during the week and then weekend comes along and it is way to short. We want to do so much during the weekend and just take advantage of our free time. Especially when the weather is nice. And this is what we did this weekend. Walked around London, then enjoyed a stroll by the river and just enjoyed the sun. We went to Borough Market to grab a bite and a glass of bubbly. Also ended up at the Croatian Stall to take some salami for Matej and our friends. As I don't eat meat we bought some truffle chees as well. So we ended up at our friend's place which is always the best time. By saying that it got me thinking about friendships, I believe friendships - whatever they may be, are very important. Your friends are all really different individuals but every friendship that is true is valuable and I am happy to have good people in my life and of course cherish and respect them. We all make mistakes, we all made mistakes in the past and because of them we are better people. I admit I made loads of them, sometimes I didn't know how to be there for my friends when going through personal shit so I almost lost one of the friendships because of that. And then I made a promise to myself to be a better friend and overall a better person each day. And I know that if any of my friends would need me I would be there, no matter the time, place and circumstances. However there is one thing that I've learned throughout the years. Actions speak louder than words. If they love you they will make an effort, if you are not their priority - they won't. That does not mean you don't have to make an effort, you do and keep on trying however remember it should go both ways. You have to know one thing; that everyone in your life will teach you a lesson - good or bad - you will learn more about yourself than you think. Of course your friendships will go up and down - it is normal, it is life, people change, we evolve ... And then on the other hand some people just get stuck or change so much that you don't find common interests anymore. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. Well...I am an optimist I believe in friendships for life and hopefully that is the way it will be :). My point is - love your friends and make sure they love you back because you deserve it, because you are a good person & friend (well hope you are haha). I can say that now all of my friendships are in place and that is the way it should be. I have two amazing friends from Slovenia that live in London now and a few really close friends that are still in Slovenia and it is always so good to come back to them. I love them all dearly and I am blessed for each and every one.  

Hugs and kisses from your London Fashion Blogger.

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