January 23, 2017 2 min read

Black Embroidered Rose Top

Black Embroidered Rose Top 

Hi fashionistas! Hope this long January is going fast for you. It's the thing about January's. They seem so long and grey. Or maybe they seem long as we all try to diet and have a dry month LOL! What if this was the 13th month of the year and Feb would be the first month of new year? Would we still feel the same way ? :) I believe it's all them pretty lights December has and gifts and just families spending time together...once that fairytale is over we kinda miss it right :D?!

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Speaking about new year it got me thinking. Do you have any new year's resolutions? Most people do however they tend to break it. Why do you think is that..they always say that resolutions are meant to be broken ha! Throughout the years I remember that most people would want to quit smoking or start dieting when new year kicked in but how about maybe working on our personal growth? You know for example "I would like to be more compassionate towards others in 2017, or be a better person in general..maybe a more loving person.." . For instance I decided to eat healthier. Well, if I am honest I always strive to eat healthy except in December when I pig out haha but mostly through out the year I would eat  loads of veggies, fish, quinoa etc. as I am a pescatarian I stick to fish and seafood mainly. Trick: I would eat loads of nuts in between meals so If I get hungry I don't attach the first chocolate bar I see :D. But apart from food I really want to be a better person. And everyday I would remind myself of how lucky I am to be healthy and for everything life has blessed me. I have a roof over my head, I have food, I have family and friends that love me and a perfect fiancé. We should appreciate what we have really as many times we take it for granted. Of course we all go after our dreams and strive to do better which is fine as long as we are happy with what we already have. Sometimes it looks like everyone is doing better than you and you get caught in this mind game circle so when that happens get out of it and just remember other people's life cannot influence you, be happy for them and know everyone has their own path. I am really happy when I see someone grind and succeed, that means I can do it too, you can do it, everyone can. So set your 2017 as a major kick off and be amazing, shine and do great! Ok and a quick word or two about my styling. I got this amazing Black Embroidered Rose Top  and with an amazing price. Please know it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive to look good and these amazing Ego High Heel Bootiesthat I just love, love.

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