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How to be a fashion blogger Hi Fashionistas! This week has passed really quick and still I can't believe it's March already! I am counting down to April when we leave to Dominican Republic ahh I can't wait. In the meantime enjoying the Spring in London ah man give me Vitamin D it just makes me happier.  While I just love Notting Hill as it has so much to offer we decided to take new pictures in this amazing colourful street. See the images below and also a few tips if you are thinking about How to become a fashion blogger. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


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I was just thinking and thought " hmm being a blogger..." people think it is easy and you don't do much. But there is so much time, thought, effort, money invested and of course work and discipline. Running around London at weekends to find good locations, freezing most of the time throughout the year can be challenging but there is lots more to it. First of all deciding if you want blogging to be a hobby or your source of income for example. Obviously there is so much to talk about that I could write for hours but I have summed up the main things to be conscious of. See my main tips below.

1.) Deciding if this is just a hobby or not: This a first step as once you decide blogging will be your priority and not just a hobby - lots of things will change. I understand that when starting with blogging you would need other source of income first (a job or a sugar daddy - hey I am not judging haha) that would help you with buying a proper equipment, clothing ( as you probably won't have many clothing sponsors at the beginning), marketing (yes you will have to invest to receive it back). Deciding on this is also crucial as once you know you will spend more time working on blog rather than just posting from time to time. 2. Money comes, money goes ...or vice versa: You will need some get you started. Photo camera, ring light and other lights - if you are doing vlogging as well, buying and installing Photoshop... although loads of bloggers use their iPhones now as they do amazing pictures. Then you will require some source of income to be dedicated to marketing. Yes you will find out that at the beginning it's mostly spending money rather that earning that is why I would say "money goes, money comes" lol! As once you have invested in your blog for a good year or two you will finally get some back - that totally depends on you and you only (and your skills). Doing an investigation of where to promote your blog. What sites, what Apps.. 3. Being present:More that you are present of all of them apps more people will know about you. Bloglovin, Lookbook, Pintrest, Liketoknowit  and of course all other main Apps that follow such as Instagram, Snap, FB, Youtube etc. Also important: interact with people. If you don't give, you will not get. Go to other fashionista's blogs and interact, same goes for all apps. They can't know you exist if you don't show yourself and also their followers will have the chance to spot you. Believe me that engaging with other does a lot! 4.) You probably heard/read that many times but it is true - CONTENT MATTERS:You have to have quality and also look for doing something a bit different. I know there are loads of bloggers floating around the internet however or you're either a bit different from the rest and that is why your followers will follow you or the other thing that helps is : brands. If you are lucky enough to afford brands then followers will keep on coming, everyone loves to see luxury. 5.) Research your locationsIt does help if you take a picture with an amazing background. If you live in a big city that always helps. However when you go away to your holiday make sure you make amazing images there as it will refresh your Blog, Instagram or other social media account.  I always tend to search for places around London and am quite lucky as it is such a big city that I never run out of locations. Also now-days really popular "coffee shots" and "lunch shots" with your friends or by yourself. 6.) How to get your money back!?Brace yourself it won't come back in few weeks and not even a year unless you are really resourceful. All I can say is that the more followers you have the more money you make. How? Well brands will start contacting you by themselves. No more you begging for free clothes uh-uh honey. And then you will be able to charge for your blog post, IG post etc. Does also help if you have an agency or find any websites that connect bloggers with brand. 7.) How do I grow followers?! A million $$$ question!Uhhhh I could not wrap my head around that it was really hard and I was struggling as I couldn't figure out how some girls have so many followers, comments etc. This is what happens; some of them get their followers on IG trafficked from their other social media, articles, some do giveaways - however these followers only come for a giveaway and then they un-follow -- well most of them, some were published by an account that has hundred of thousand or even million followers and some discovered another way of gaining followers. There is also a secret to it and that does not include fake followers as you don't want that. As when you buy fakes the number is high but engagement on each photo is poor and then you have a girl with 80k followers, 100 image likes and 1 comment ha which screams of fake followers and be quite embarrassing. I will be giving courses - webinars on the internet about how to succeed with IG and blogging as there are things that no influencer or blogger wants to tell you. I can say I have gained over 30k followers in months after cracking the code and am earning money from posting on my social media. Will keep you updated on the webinar info. 8.) Connect with othersConnect with other bloggers, influencers that have a similar mount of followers and you can even meet up and do a mutual photo-shoot while tagging each other to gain each other followers. There are many blogger groups where they support each other with comments, likes etc. 9.) Events matterGoing to events such as store openings, Fashion Weeks or Fashion Weekends does help as you connect with brands, photographers and other bloggers. Anyways what I wrote above is just a surface of the topic and there is so much more to talk about. Maybe in my webinar in the near future :).  

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