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Denim Like Ruffle Dress Hi Fashionistas! I am so happy I got to wear summer stylings and love the warm weather here. Of course I immediately took advantage and wore this amazing Denim Like Ruffle Dresshowever material is much lighter it just looks denim haha.   F5B1C07C-5D5A-4641-843B-33CD4E6BFF4F   6C2B94A9-F404-4263-9616-D5E71090D3F1 B236E4F8-0415-41D7-9997-A67B4DA6600E A12DD650-9CF2-47FB-848C-3429C978C126 BED76CC9-3A9D-479D-A506-412AAE52B7A4 EA1C0142-6D59-4DE5-B389-E67E9C576939









Denim Like Ruffle Dress

Burberry Bag

Missguided Sandals

Ego Official Black Diamond Sliders

  One day before I leave to Slovenia to see my family and friends and of course let's not forget my dog Phoenix. I miss him so much. So if you are wondering why he hasn't moved to UK with us in the first place I can say there was a lot of obstacles. I was kind off shocked that the UK complicates so much on bringing pets to the country. When I lived in Spain I flew with Pheonix all the time he even stayed with me below the seat in front of me in a box. The ticket for him was like 20eur return! Well UK complicated it to the maximum. The only way for a pet to fly to UK is with Pet Traveller meaning he has to fly from Venice, he would be based in cargo (scared and alone) and his one way ticked would cost (be prepared now..) 1150eur! Yes, you've read that right! I thought she meant 150eur in the email so I have asked again, but she confirmed it actually is over 1000eur!!! Bear in mind my ticket is usually 35eur one way. First year where we were renting in London they didn't allow pets at all, we were just trying to figure out our lives; looking for a job, moving was so stressful and leaving our lives (family & friends) behind. So my sister looks after Phoenix and her dog Niki 24/7 in Slovenia - she is a stay at home doggy-mom :). That made me feel a bit better as I knew he was in best hands but If I am honest I was one of those people who could never imagine a life without a pet. We were inseparable before and I was heartbroken every day! Then once we moved flats again we thought now is the best time to finally get him over but then my family said that this is not a life for a pet to wait for their master the whole day until they come from work as my sister is with him 24/7 and so he is better off there. Again I was trying to do what is best for him but still I was so sad. My fiancé started working from home he said to me "We can actually get Phoenix to London now". Trying to figure out the best travel route for him...probably flying him from Slovenia to Paris and then Matej renting a car to drive from London to Paris to pick us up, go on fairly boat and back to London. Of course he has to be vaccinated at least 21 days before, has to have a chip (which he does) and a valid EU passport. So fingers crossed he can come back with us in January I will be the happiest girl! If you want to check my previous blog post please check HERE. phoenix sanja  

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