November 29, 2016 2 min read

Kenzo x HM   Hi Fashionistas. I really love H&M collaborations with the high fashion brands. I remember last year's euphoria when Balmain collaboration hit the stores and now this year  it was Kenzo x HM. When they went online on the 3rd November we were still in Mexico and it was so funny as I woke up 4am Mexico time and sat there to see if I can access the online store LOL! Matej woke up and saw me sitting in the dark looking at my iPad thinking I've gone bananas haha!   img_0533 img_0534 img_0535

img_0536 img_0531 img_0530 WEARING: Kenzo x H&M - Sweater, pants, sunglasses PRADA Heels

I wasn't lucky as everyone was trying to access their online store so I gave up after sitting there in the dark like an idiot at 4am. However when I woke up later on there were still few pieces online and I ordered them straight away. Some of the pieces I wanted weren't available anymore however this styling was so cute and happy I got it. So when we came back to London I packed it up and took it with me to Barcelona where these pictures were made. As Mexico was so sunny and warm we just needed another small break and Barcelona's weather was like a balm for my soul. As per one of my previous posts I've mentioned that we stayed at the H10 Port Vell hotel by the marina and it was just amazing. The client service was spectacular and the hotel itself is so cute! And one of my favourite parts when staying at the hotel is breakfast and they have exceeded my expectations - really!

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