August 17, 2017 2 min read

Lasual Heaven   Hi lovelies! How have you been lately? I have been quite busy but busy is fine! Keeps your body and mind occupied. I am in Lasula Heaven as this time I have teamed with Lasula Boutique and wanted to show the lovely pieces I have picked. See below. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset BCB02B11-5535-4A84-996D-8EBCCB68A7D6 1502909923508



Lasula Dress

Lasula Tee


I am traveling soon and I really wanted a nice cute comfy dress that can be used day or night time and when I saw this cute black polka dot Lasula Dress  I just had to have it. I cannot stress enough how comfy this dress is really I could actually sleep in it! Did I mention I was in Lasula Heaven? The ruffles are so cute, it compliments my figure and hides any imperfection. We decided to shoot close to Big Ben and London Eye and it was a perfect spot to do it. Also the timing was right too as the sun position gave an amazing lightning that we needed. Perfect day. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I had a runny nose and eyes and ughhhh was just horrible. My bag was full of used napkins - yuck :D! I am feeling better tho' but poor Matej now he caught the bug. That's what you get when you're kissing your girl while she's not feeling well...I mean that's love - right ?

So changed the styling to this great statement Call My Agent T-Shirt and the cute Ruffle trousers .I felt sassy and comfortable in this styling. Again could wear it during the day with trainers and night time with heels so it is a win-win situation actually! Do you think that the older we get more comfy we want to feel in our stylings? Because I think that is the case - at least with me haha. Btw it was so hard to actually get a shot on the Westminister Bridge as there is so many tourists walking by and everyone wants that picture of London Eye. Also after 5pm you have that rush hour when everyone is leaving work. But we managed - yay. I don't think you actually realise how much work is put in one picture. Waiting for the right light, place, battles with crowds in London (the shit gets real), changing stylings in Pubs or in the middle of the streets (hopefully don't get arrested or mistaken for the lady of the night hahah). Anyways your London Fashion Blogger is sending you a virtual hug :)! You can also check my previous post about my diet HERE.

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