June 16, 2017 3 min read

MotelRocks   Hi fashionistas! I am still trying to catch up :) - sorry! These pictures were done while visiting Slovenia beginning of this month and as I shared them on my Instagram already I forgot to share them here \o/ - I know, I know and I will get better. And this MotelRocks dress got so much attention. Sometimes we get caught up with day to day things but here I am, hope you like it and more lovely pics of me and my baby boy Phoenix the dog below (haha). IMG_3414 1DB1F2B6-8C9E-42E1-B888-DF676756302A   IMG_3746

WEARING: MotelRocks Dress

  So as mentioned above we have visited our second home (Slovenia) early this month. Also written about it in one of my previous posts. It is so funny - when we lived there we did not appreciate it as much as we do now. Obviously to me Slovenia was always one of the most beautiful places but still when you live there every day you get pulled in to day to day stress, work and people, so you associate all of this with the place and it has nothing to do with the place itself. Now that we live in London we get to fly to our second home to see our friends and family and we just relate it with these nice memories and that is all that matters. Yes, it is sad that you have to leave your country to get to have more opportunities to develop in career or in personal life but that is life and I am happy we did it. You learn so much when you move. You have to face yourself, your fears, you have to push yourself more to keep up with this huge metropolitan city that can swallow you up or it can accept you in the most welcoming way. They say moving is one of the 5 most stressful things in life. Especially moving to a different country. It also changes you - a lot. I have realised I changed so much. You just grow up, you are forced to grow up. If you are from a small country you live in a bubble and here you can't afford to live in a bubble. I have realized that I got allergic to drama and exaggeration I just feel that years ago some of the things wouldn't bother me and now they do. Look I get it , we are just humans, we all have flaws and we can be sensitive, but we also have to toughen up as life is not just a fairy-tale. Although we try and make it as beautiful as we can :). Big cities hit you with a reality slap and that is a fact. They kind of put a mirror infront of you and you are forced to face yourself. You also meet loads of people and it is funny because I am a really private person I rarely let new people into my life. If they really make an impact on me in some way then I would, but those kind of people do not grow on trees that is why I have few close friends I can spill my heart to and with other ones it's more just a nice catch up chit chat. I have met some new people in London and they are amazing. I am happy we've met and we get to call them friends. So if we ever move anywhere else I sure will miss them (they know who they are)!

I am happy to say we got the most of it and we are so grateful for everything. Love, your London Fashion Blogger BamBam


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