March 07, 2017 2 min read

Only Queen Bomber jacket Hi Queens! I have been doing quite some Spring shopping lately. I came across this great clothing website where I got my amazing Only Queen Bomber jacketand Blue Satin Lace Up Pants. Check below for more info. and more images. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Processed with VSCO with a5 preset Only Queen Bomber jacket   Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Only Queen Bomber jacket Blue Satin Lace Up PantsGucci Bag Gucci Sneakers

Don't you just love the feel of Spring creeping in? I can smell it in the air and you can just see trees blooming and everything has more colour. So I believe I have picked the perfect background - hot pink door and this lovely outfit that is just popping colour. I really enjoy discovering London you can always find something different just behind the next corner so as a blogger I feel I have endless possibilities of finding great places to take pictures for my blog. I have to tell you that when I came across YOINSI didn't know what to expect, the pictures looked lovely however I didn't know about the quality if I order and then get something completely different. However I have to tell you I loved it, the delivery was really quick and the materials are so soft and comfortable. Looks like in the pictures and better. I am a satisfied customer that is for sure. BTW guys I am counting down to our Dominican Republic trip one more month to go !!!! So happy! I really need a nice cocktail, a beach, sea view and relaxing time. Although it is only a month to go I haven't started exercising yet - ups however I have been eating ok so If I get my belly toned up with some exercise and some yoga I'll be alright! Thnx to my mom for my genes as I adore food so I am not sure how I still look tiny as I eat a lot. But hey I have learned to manage how to be good during the week and pretty bad during Fri & Sat but hey I need to enjoy life I can't give up my guilty pleasures ha! I can't believe we were just in Mexico in October and I feel like that has been two months ago max! I love Caribbean it is our thing and so hard to go somewhere else hahaha. No really for the next one I would love to maybe try and switch it up for LA/Vegas trip however I reckon we'll end up somewhere on the beach again. Everyone seems to love Thailand however I am not a fan, don't feel the need to go there but maybe I change my mind someday who knows.  

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