March 06, 2016 1 min read

Romwe Multicoulor Coat 4 (Large) 6 (Large) 2 (Large) 3 (Large) Romwe Mulcticolour Coat 11 (Large) Christian Paul Watches White Nike Airforce1 Sneakers 9 (Large) 10 (Large)

Photo: MK

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Hi Fashionistas! These days have been soooo cold that even thinking about making new pictures for the blog was difficult lol! Btw after finishing these pictures it started hailing - so yes it was cold! I have to say that this beautiful Romwe Multicolour Coat has kept me warm,I really love it and it is so soft as well. Btw ladies this coat is only £34 - a bargain! And as well loving this loose top I have to admit that even tough I really like Winter fashion I can't wait for Spring to come. So Spring I am ready please come lol! Your London Fashionista BamBam xx

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