January 29, 2017 1 min read

AD22846F-E63F-477A-B699-E23E250F3EDE Hi fashionistas! I can't believe it's almost February oh how time flies. It still feels like NYE was only few days ago. Well I'm not complaining as February is my month, my birthday month and as I've been a "good girl" (as much as I could be haha) I think I deserve some spoiling. And what better way to spoil yourself than with shopping, right girls? My guilty pleasure this month is Soberjane Clothingand I just can't get enough really!!! P.s: Scroll down to get their -20% discount code. 70CEA420-9692-432D-8ECE-3596B6EF6902 E0813B55-C6C8-4437-8C7F-0D2551F2C247 D0EBB3A7-86FE-434E-BAE3-35906423D93F6EF7D1EB-3347-42BC-A58B-79B4079BE293 60F3E996-7F9A-4AED-871F-4AAA45D36821 I ordered these beautiful "Scotch" Leggings  from Soberjane Clothing website and they come with this  amazing belt. Also want to add that this belt is pretty amazing as it is a shapewear accessory which moulds to the waistline. So that burger I ate just before "pfff" can't see it - lol I still look fab! I have to admit that their coatis also just amazing, I was so warm the whole day and the coat is really soft. Ah, If I am honest it was really hard to choose all of the pieces look great and all of the linked pieces have vibrant coloured lining.

As I want you to enjoy their pieces I got you their -20% discount code that can be used on their website www.soberjaneclothing.com . Code: Soberjane2017

You can also find them on IG @soberjane  (click on the name)


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