August 16, 2017 2 min read

A8E2D8F4-4E52-4C93-B749-92E114127DCD Hey lovelies let's talk about SQUAD goals with Missguided! It has been a while since my last post,I know. So much going on on my Instagramthat I have almost neglected my blog however not to worry BamBam is backkkk. Again I am collaborating with one of my absolute favourites: Missguided so check below for more pictures and links! IMG_6406 EE3CB11E-8116-4C23-B069-34197E86B6B1 Processed with VSCO with a5 preset 20E5805C-CD2A-4078-A9F7-36EE3AA0B0C5 We have been travelling in between and came back from Tuscany and looking forward to our next trip: Amsterdam. It will be my first time there so really looking fwd to it! I have to say London has been pretty amazing this summer, perfect warm sunny days - I mean what else can you wish for. Right? So when sunny you just gotta go out and do your stuff, especially if you are an influencer and need great pictures haha! I am lucky that my fiance is so good at taking pictures. When I think about the pictures we made in my early blogger days - oh Lord hahahaha! We tried to keep up but really - no comparison to what we do now. It's always good to evolve lol. Anyways let's talk about this fab outfit that just screams my name. For the people that know me, they know that I love to wear comfy street-wear. So when ordering from Missguided I was so excited. Usually when searching online I have a hard time finding pieces that I like but with Missguided I literally love everything!!! SQUAD goals with Missguided indeed. So decided to go for a sassy SQUADcrop top and I just love it. Makes me think about my "squad" my group of friends who I love. It's like having a second family haha. Speaking of which my friend is getting a puppy a cute little French Bulldog and I have announced myself as an auntie and can't wait for them to go on holiday so I can take care of her. Uffff. I am such a dog lover it's not even normal :D! Also I decided to get these amazing Skinny jeans they have a cute zip detail in the back and this swagger Trucker Jacket! And please let's not forget about these cute little Fishnet Socks- damn Gina these are on fire! Sending you a hug full of love, will be back soon! Your London Fashion Blogger BamBam xxxx  

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