September 03, 2017 1 min read

IMG_7049 Hi fashionistas! Hope you have been well! It is always busy here in London as I tend to say day doesn't have enough hours for me. Today I have decided to show you a more sporty chic side of me - Sweats and Snenakers type of styling. Although as many of you know I adore comfy stylings anyways :). 24AE1B43-ED61-494A-ADD5-80ED4F567567 AE9321EB-0D82-45F1-AFB5-018058C45039


Button Side Pants-Sweats Cropped T-ShirtGucci Sneakers Gucci Bag

So as we are still enjoying our sunny days in London this styling perfect for a stroll around. I have decided to order this lovely Cropped T-Shirtand combine it with these modern Button Side Pants-Sweats  . Both T-Shirt and Pants are such a good quality. Pants are a bit heavier material and they fall really nicely. I though It'd be good to combine them with my favourite Gucci sneakers and my red Gucci bag. Just felt a but sassy to be honest haha.  So I can definitely say Sweats and Sneakers are my thing :D. I had two more stylings to shoot however will save them for our Amsterdam trip we are going to next weekend. Looking forward to seeing the city and just chill with Matej (btw Matej reads as Mat-ey as so many people from UK/US say it wrong - saying it as Matedge lol). Hopefully you like the styling, feel free to comment below. Also feel free to check my last blog post HERE. Hugs from your London fashion blogger - BamBam xxxx.  

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