December 11, 2016 2 min read

img_1795 Hi Fashionistas! So here I am drinking delicious late and enjoying my day off in these amazing over the knee boots I ordered the other day. Sometimes you juts gotta look fabulous. And not for anyone else but you. Feeling good in your skin and embracing your beauty, femininity is the best thing. And the older I get the more I like who I am and who I've become. img_1773 img_1772 Tommy x Gigi - Tommy Hilfiger img_1767 img_1764 img_1766

WEARING: Tee-sweater from HEREBoots from HERE  Coat Tommy Hilfiger -  Tommy x Gigi Bag Gucci

I remember when I was still a teenager I was really insecure, I didn't know who I am deep down I felt a bit lost. Everyone seemed better than me and I always worried what everyone would think of me so I would try and impress everyone. And then you grow up, you see that the only opinion that matters is  your loved ones as they are the only ones who'll be there no matter what and love you just for who you are. I don't care about pleasing people who don't matter. If you like me great and if you don't ...well too bad :). We only have one life and we have to seize every moment, every life is too short. So If you think you're having a bad day, or something is troubling you ask yourself is it really important..can I turn it around. We go around worrying about things that shouldn't take that much of our time. Anyways hope you like this ootd. I really felt good walking in these Floral Boots they really are comfortable and special. And the Tee-Sweateris such a great piece. I love wearing it with white pants, jeans, skirt and even with one of my sweatpants hehe. Sooo comfortable as well. Suitable for work or going to name it. And of course my new Tommy x Gigi - Tommy Hilfiger coat. Ah wanted it for so long!

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