January 21, 2017 3 min read

uk fashion blogger influencer Hi Fashionistas! I am just about to add another birthday to my list and while I am thinking about my life, what has changed, how I changed, what I like to wear now and overall overthinking everything I also wanted to show I feel good in my skin and am comfortable. Which brings me to my styling, to the fact that comfort is everything! I am just a comfortable UK Fashion Influencer LOL! Btw get the whole look (except the bag) pants, sweater & jacket - all three for around 51€ or £44.     UK Fashion Influencer 8E715C99-961E-4EE1-BE8D-33D25E3E24D72E2EB3D7-303E-4797-B8FB-20440B3AFE7A75A7678C-0E8C-4A07-9FC5-63362B9ACD14EAE2190F-3A2C-44BF-A989-A10E6617CC29


Bomber Jacket from HERE Pants from HERE Sweater from HERE Gucci Bag Celine Paris sunglasses

I think I have talked about this somewhere in 2016 however I do believe that the older you get the less f**ks you give. You come to a certain age where you know exactly what you want, need and what you don't.  And already what can be who's. So who you want or don't want in your life. I think I feel better about myself every year. I have a small circle of true friends that I know would be there for me 24/7 and then I have friends that are great, love seeing them, chatting with them from time to time but will probably not call them every day and rely on them as much as I would on my besties. As a typical Aquarius I don't feel the need to be around people all the time, I need my space so I have a problem from time to time not keeping in touch with people I know, ex co-workers etc. Not because I would't want to...I am just not as sociable, don't feel the need to prove myself to anyone or be around people all the time. Excluding my boyfriend of course I need him all the time haha but hey - he's my soulmate so..we just love being with each other <3.

I feel I became a woman, not a girl anymore although love being childish and playful with my family and close ones however at the same time when professional I can be a serious bad-a$$ woman. I remember I was so insecure and it was really hard as it was hard not being perfect, not looking like Angelina Jolie or any magazine cover supermodel and while growing up you just see your flaws unfortunately. As now-days I see everyone want's to look like Kim K or Kylie Jenner but why... that trend will go away, why look like someone else if you can look like yourself...your beautiful self. However yes we I have bad days when looking/feeling like crap but hey we are only human,right. So while I am in my comfort zone in my personal life I also like to be comfortable wearing clothes and still look hot and fashionable. So yes there are many trends flying around but if you feel you're gonna rock the streets wearing cool sweats then do it. I have to admit I really feel good wearing street style - sporty vibes all the way! I always strive not to be an ordinary UK Fashion Influencer  , why being a copy if original is so much unique :). What do you think? What makes you happy?

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