December 13, 2016 2 min read

warm December with Hi Fashionistas! We had a cold week in London and it got me thinking ok I have to order some new warm when I did it actually got warmer and now we have around 13 degrees. Just my luck! But for all those cold days coming I am prepared but until then I got my warm December with . Btw I have 20% discount code which you can find below. img_2214 img_2213   img_2532 img_2534 img_2545 img_2562 img_2563 img_2561

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Ahhh sweet December I love you so much and you are my favourite one! So happy and counting down to Christmas. Of course flying to Slovenia to spend time with our loved ones. And my pooch which I miss like crazy! UK is pretty hard when it comes to bringing pets into the country however think it's about time we drive to Slovenia and bring our doggy "home". I can't wait to be with him 24/7.

While I am getting used to warm winter in London I know I'll be a bit colder in our pretty Slovenia. I am hoping for a snow, like a proper Christmas! Last year it didn't snow in December however it did in April which was quite odd even for my home country. We are flying to Slovenia on 24th Dec and can't wait to arrive to my parent's flat where I can just see my mom cooking in kitchen. Ohhh I can just sense the smell of food! And NYE we'll spend in a nice cottage/weekend house out in the country with our dogs and playing games. Can't wait really. What are you up to this NYE? Any special plans maybe? Anyways I hope you have a good one but don't worry I'll definitely write a blog or two before it happens so I'll still wish you a Merry Christmas then :).

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