April 20, 2017 2 min read

White Summer Ruffle Dress

Hi Fashionistas!

Hello from the Caribbeanside! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that as I have been posting quite amazing pictures lately and of course all thanks to this amazing place as the background is just breathtaking! I want to dedicate this post to one dress that just slays and is so comfortable to wear. Yes I chose the perfect White Summer Ruffle Dress. F9EFF7DD-D067-42C0-B3B9-744318E83D16 ADDB01D5-08C3-4197-868B-3E7D666999F3 AB015C97-FF23-48C7-9476-7508E7FC79DC 924859FD-81FB-4BFC-941D-E3DFF5189F81 1B844952-87B9-40AF-A1AB-02CEF2CA1A79 B919489A-CA84-4384-836F-7A54D6A02F9B 59810B9A-CFFD-4E69-95E5-354FB8B53479


White Summer Ruffle Dress

Beach Hat by ByLauraWithlove

Pearl Sliders from Ego Shoes

  I wanted to post more pictures however I will do a post about my stay at Dreams La Romana resort separately. I am excited to announce that I will do a Youtube video of our trip as I haven't done videos in sooo long and am really looking fwd to this :). To be honest we are taking pictures everyday however I have done this styling just today as it is hard to combine pleasure and leisure. Enjoy your vacation and at the same time think about blog/instagram posts you still have to do \o/ ! But honestly I can't stress enough about this White Summer Ruffle Dress. It is so light, comfy and gorgeous. I wore it daytime and then later on for dinner with some heels and it is a head turner. Flipflops or heels still looks so cute. Btw you can get it for $13 only! Yep you heard it right. I am so happy to get some quality Vitamin D here and if I am sincere I am lots more happier. Of course we all have issues (that is why I think I like the song Issues by Julia Michaels so much lol) but sunny places do make you happier. Can I move to Dominican pleaseeeee? :D Do you think we would get tired of this life, palm trees, sunshine and easy going life? Would we get bored of it, you know maybe our ambitious side would start kicking off? I don't know but I would love to give it a go. Sometimes you get so caught up with the stressed citylife you forget who you are, you forget to be happy. But happiness is always here, it is within you...remember that! Oh before I go I am also obsessing over this personalised beach hat by ByLauraWithlove and they are only £20!!! Also as I wanted to be comfortable and fab at the same time i have ordered these amazing Pearl Sliders from Ego Shoes. Love , your London Fashion Blogger - BamBam xxx

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