April 03, 2017 2 min read

IMG_0282 Hi Fashionistas! I wanted to try something different today. I always love experimenting with my style however this time I wanted to go a bit Yezzy inspo with Prettylittlething. You like? You ain't seen nothing yet. Check more pics and links below! 7DD65021-05E6-479E-9D14-04062E75E3B2 810E98B4-77E2-405D-86B3-57AD4C27D22A 0F45ACA5-5CA5-4DF9-B900-32914E8B138A B8C66391-12A6-4E02-811A-54A4C473B375 0E7A0980-02C0-4AE0-BB6F-EC5AFC00768F

WEARING: Extreme Open Hoodie Cami Top  Nude Cap Nude Thigh High Lace Up Burberry Bag

I have to admit I had a bit of a problem when picking up pieces from Prettylittlething because there is so many things I wanted to get! It was insane I tell ya I just feel like my other half of soul is PLT lol! No kidding. Anyways I wanted to go a bit different, stylish, bold and yet tasty so there you have it; taraaaa. The Extreme Open Hoodie I have picked is something right? The style of it is a bit different as it is open in front which makes it so, so, so cool! I wanted to stay in nude palette colour range so I went for this amazing Cami Top  which goes great with everything really. I was thinking as per what else to combine with already chosen pieces and these Nude "Cycle" Shortswere just perfect. To make the whole styling look "smoking" I have added the Nude Cap and Nude Thigh High Lace UpSandals. It was a perfect Sunny day for this styling and I also enjoyed my new Burberry Bag for a spin. After that me and my fiance went to a bar as Aperol Spritz was much needed on this amazing sunny day. So I have less than 2 weeks to our Dominican trip and I am buzzin!!! Sun, sea, sand and cocktails - come to mamasita! And this week will be amazing as well as my two friends from Slovenia are visiting - ah I can't wait really! This is point of life really...to be loved by your family, your partner and your friends. I always feel so fulfilled when I get the love. And don't get me wrong I also love giving love to my loved ones :)! So much love in one sentence :D. Hope you enjoyed this post. Hugs and kisses from your London Fashion Blogger.

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