November 14, 2017 2 min read

1F66189C-CF8C-4C8F-B683-5097351D921A Hi lovelies! So this weekend was all about finding my wedding dress and hanging out with my bridesmaids + my bridesman. Our first stop was Croatia and then Slovenia. Me and Niky had to fly in early from London to get to Croatia on time. I will do a blog post about my wedding dress fitting later on this month however I wanted to show you my bridesmaid gift box ideas. If you wanted to do something really nice for your "bride squad" then read below. Any (future) bride can relate when I say that the wedding is probably one of the most special events in life. And having your people supporting you and being there means the world. So therefore I wanted to show them how much I appreciate them being there with the personalized gift box that suits every each one of them. After running around and trying dresses I wanted to treat them with a good dinner and once we were all seated and had a glass of bubbly it was time for me to bring the out the boxes. I've asked them to close their eyes and left the boxes in front of each one. They did not expect anything so they were quite happy, surprised and emotional :D. Mission accomplished! So if you are wondering where I got my boxes and all details about the personalized gifts, see below: C02FAF5C-27DD-4C2F-9B86-3E1F89B351BA   7DDA4114-C957-46B0-A04B-8EAF1F50B7E6 135C4092-AF84-46DB-9BC3-ED9B14E936D9  
  1. I bought the Personalized boxes from Etsy (Size medium- 22cm x 22.5cm x 6.5cm approx.) - NOTE: if you want to put the Starbucks coffee cups make sure you buy bigger boxes (10cm wide)
  2. Starbucks Coffee Cups
  3. Personalized Starbuck Name Stickers
  4. Personalized "Will you be my bridesmaid candle"
  5. "Will you be my bridesmaid" hair ties
  6. Boohoo "bride Squad" robes
  7. Polaroid pictures from Photobox - Printed the old pictures I had with each one from my phone
  8. Bridesman Personalized Boxers and Cufflinks from Etsy 
bridesmaids robe bridesmaids robe2  



The day was a complete success and so were the bridesmaids/bridesman personalized gift boxes. I felt so happy and loved and the day just couldn't get any better. Btw I cannot wait to tell you about my wedding dress!!! Eeeeeekkk! Stay tuned!  

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