January 10, 2019 2 min read

Baby’s stem cell storage with Future Health Biobank Hi lovelies! I am beyond excited to announce I have become a mommy. Our little Nicolai was born on the 7th of January. As any parent you always want what is best for your child therefore while I was pregnant I had my baby’s cord blood stem cells stored with Future Health Biobank . I chose FHT - Future Health Bio Bank to collect and store my baby’s cord blood stem cells straight after birth. These stem cells can be used to treat over 85 diseases, and will be frozen for up to 25 years, should my baby ever need them. Since I've heard about the option of storing stem cells I was interested straight away and was really curious therefore I have checked Future Health Bio Bank's webpage and read all about the available options. Their services include: The whole procedure is super easy. We have received the box from FHT which we took with us to the hospital. You receive a contact from phlebotomist who is in charge of collecting the stem cells straight after birth. After that the box is ready for collection - all the info for that is based on the box. As I have said above the procedure is easy and professionally done.


FHT is the UK’s largest stem cell bank having stored over 150,000 cord samples, which is more than all other UK banks combined. Presence in 75 countries, with offices in over 39 countries worldwide. Find out if available in YOUR COUNTRY. Global-Family-World-Map.jpg The only cord blood bank in the world to own two processing and storage facilities. The most highly accredited cord blood bank in the UK. Released 90 samples for transplant/therapies to Europe, the Middle East and the US.

#FactFile: There are over 4,500 cord blood transplants taking place every year.


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