January 05, 2020 2 min read

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Hi everyone! I usually write about fashion and travel however there is no use of labelling myself on just these two. So I decided to do a lifestyle inspired blog post. This time around about the new item we have ordered for our beautiful home. If you want to know more on How to make your home cosy with Furnwise Butterfly Chair, then keep on reading. Welcome to our cosy living room. Furnwise Butterfly Chair Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset EBBF70B6-3A2A-4437-9DA4-5B3C5108DEFA It has been a year since we bought this place and we have been furnishing it bit by bit. We have the flat fully furnished but we always find a small cure item that can be added. A while ago Matej (Mat-ey) suggested that the living room would be even better if we would add a lounge chair next to the sofa. My first thought was "hell-to-the-no" haha but he did plant a seed in my mind and it kept on growing. My concern was the space and thinking I don't want clutter nor I want our flat to feel squished with all the stuff. So one evening we were scrolling for chair ideas online and even if we liked some of them they seemed too massive. I almost gave up and there he was in all of it's glory - The Butterfly Chair. So beautiful, elegant and we just knew that it was "the one". I have never seen this kind of chair and my initial thought was that they are too expensive. They were around £300 online on average. So we kept on searching and we stumbled upon this Furnwise Butterfly Chair. The chair was on sale and initially it costed £249 however now you could get it for £169! That was it - our winner. So my first interior design or furniture lifestyle post is dedicated to our new living room piece. We love how it just made our living room even comfier if that is possible at all hahaha. One last touch - we threw a fake fur rug over it and it looks more than amazing. If you are looking for a nice piece to decorate you flat go over to Furnwise as we are definitely one of their happy customers. Also he chair was with us in about a week so the shipping was fast as well.

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