March 26, 2018 2 min read

My thoughts on relationships! nuMe Hi lovelies as I have seen you love reading blogs where I write about my thoughts so this time around writing about my thoughts on relationships! It all comes down to us really.
  1. So in my humble opinion every relationship starts with YOU! As mentioned in one of my previous posts, you have to love yourself first. If you don't know how, you have to learn. Not only that it will make you feel better about yourself, others will be able to see the real you and love you for who your are. And YES you are LOVEABLE, everyone is. I always say there is a fit for every shoe so your person is waiting for you somewhere out there (if you haven't got a partner yet).
  2. We all have imperfections, nobody is perfect and if you feel there is a constant pattern in your life then it is something you will also have to break. Easier said than done however realizing is a huge step forward.
  3. Believe in yourself! You CAN do it, you can be anyone who you want to be and the only obstacles between you and dreams are usually ourselves. I understand it is not always easy but if you try and put your mind to it I know you will be able to be on top of the world.
  4. Take care of your mind and body! Until last year I didn't know much about mental health, I also wasn't taking care of my body which again comes back to mental health as one goes with another. It is important to stay healthy as much as you can. Go for long walks, do yoga, go for a run in the nature, laugh more and try to avoid unhealthy food. Food affects us more than you think. Of course we all have off days where we would indulge in a treat however it is important to have a BALANCE in life. So many illnesses come from unhealthy lifestyle and of course stress. So please take care of yourself :).
  5. My secret to a better mental and physical state is nuMe. Since I started using nuMe I felt so much better as I started living healthier. Slim and beauty diet food which I combine with healthy meals on day-to-day basis, keep me balanced. Not only your body receives all vitamins, minerals and collagen you need to support healthy weight loss, it can also be used as the sole source of food in a very low calorie diet (800kcal). And you are never hungry as you get 6 smaller portions per day. With eating healthy and doing their NBG online workoutI felt amazing! Also I felt safe before starting using nuMe as it was developed by a doctor, a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a life coach. Also there is one more thing I really like - you can easily carry it around as per the lovely eco friendly packaging which was designed by well known designer Karim Rashid.

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