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Hi lovelies! The best thing about being an influencer is the fact you get to travel and get to collaborate with amazing brands, venues... This time we went to Cavo Tagoo Mykonosresort and  to be honest we saw the pictures beforehand and thought we knew what to expect but this was nothing like we expected! So read below to see Instagramable places Mykonos & Cavo Tagoo Mykonos Review.
We were picked up from the airport in style and in 10-15 min we were already at the resort. Greeted by staff and taken to our Golden Villa with a jacuzzi and a private pool. Bobby escorted us to the villa and we could not believe how gorgeous it was! The room has so much details. From wooden sinks, to robes with "After sex" writing which we found hilarious, champagne and fruit waiting for us, design books on the table...I could go on and on. We just had to go our and just look at the view. At that moment we felt humbled and blessed. Even though we travel quite a lot we always appreciate every trip.We decided to have a look around Cavo Tagoo Mykonos and once we arrived to the main pool area we probably took insane amount of pictures haha. They really have the best sunsets I have ever seen until now and I can easily say that they are one of our top 3 resorts we have been to!
5FCEF1EA-8B65-4AFA-8BB2-1FD7D393DD69What I really look forward to when staying somewhere is the breakfast. And what a selection Cavo Tagoo had. I am such a sweet tooth so when I walked in I saw a huge table of variety of deserts. I wishhhhh I could eat it all!!!! Just sitting there with an infinity pool view and drinking coffee was priceless. 78E2A299-58EB-4C96-97B3-67337DC05AFB Great thing is that Cavo Tagoo Mykonos is close to the town so their shuttles are available 24/7 if you want a ride or you can easily walk there and in 10 good minutes you are there. Seeing the streets of Mykonos for the first time was amazing. My fiance Matej (Mat-ey) had to take a pic of me like almost every other step haha.What would I do without him really!?We were excited to go through the streets and we stopped by few restaurants. One I have to mention is Familia which is one of the most beautiful ones in Mykonos. Had the best grilled octopus there. 6C632C45-EA6C-4260-A621-93468B4B00BF C743AA15-9B6D-4CA2-8587-C6D6D07A4DE4 8F899EA5-8354-45D8-9E68-3C50A296FE27 440D9D64-4225-4A6B-9FD9-C6BCF29464C3 0B5A1350-2AF3-4C87-AA95-A1863776F79F CB47971F-D67F-4CBB-BCAC-C231E18D77E2

And for all you fellow Influencers/Instgrammers and everyone that wants to visit Mykonos.

Here are the most Instagrammable Places: 1.Cavo Tagoo Mykonos!Staying here or not you HAVE to visit if you want the best views and best sunsets. ECC51513-2D0A-4BC1-BFCA-49060515F4CA 3CE6983B-183F-4F13-80CB-3D0E4A5DF175 2. Paraportiani Church C0F9C4DE-22B0-4F4B-B790-090C3A0CAE45 2.Windmills 2EBA27DC-FC55-47D0-95E5-522AAAD0FBF9 3. Little Venice Waterfront 500512E1-A6D0-4A1B-B7C5-1F08F60C02A5 4. Panachra Church ADB328E6-08B0-4FE3-B5BE-AB1F54EE5FA6 5. Little Venice's Alleyways 66BFECE4-D33C-4894-9E71-567F758697AE

6. Ninnolo Ice Cream Shop

5EC78779-FC02-476C-87E0-FE065B704433 7. Familia Restaurant Mykonos-Greece-2 8. Ava Restaurant 49AF8EEC-070F-40E6-B8EA-850D5188671C 9. Popolo Cafe  A022069B-76D5-484D-8A51-5094A062981D 10. Streets of Mykonos - seriously no matter where you will end up every street will look similar to this and I can easily say Mykonos is one of the most photogenic locations! D99470F3-A641-4DBE-A3C0-6600CF852E45 Hope you loved my blog about Instagramable places Mykonos & Cavo Tagoo Mykonos Review.  

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