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La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort Siena - Vintage Fiat500 tour review   Hi everyone! We have just returned from Tuscany and I have to tell you all about it! This was our 2nd time there however this time we felt like we have experienced so much! Read below to find out about the things you just HAVE to do when visiting the beautiful Tuscany! Check out the video of our experience at the La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort Siena, Curio Collection by Hilton & MyTour in the video above and keep on reading for more updates and beautiful images. IMG_5750 IMG_5536 IMG_5749 IMG_5658 IMG_5672 IMG_5543 IMG_5540 IMG_3595 IMG_5539 IMG_5678 IMG_3847 23E6C513-3BF8-4559-A574-69A774C3E81E IMG_5705 0CE43DD5-5170-4ED0-9FA3-F0A9418992D0 We had the pleasure of being guests at the La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort Siena, Curio Collection by Hilton and when we arrived we were just amazed by how beautiful and authentic the resort looked like. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the most friendly staff and we were taken to our suite asap as we arrived at midnight. We actually had a quick ride to our room with the golf cart - how exciting :)! We had to wake up early next morning as we had the Vintage Fiat500 tour with MyTourwhich we were excited about like little kids haha. So after eating the most delicious breakfast at the La Bagnaia Resort, driver took us to the tour location. We were greeted by Alessandra and Francesco from MyTour and I have to say they are doing their jobs with heart and soul, such amazing people. We chose our Vintage Fiat500 and we were off! Try to imagine how it would be to spend a day like the in the old Italian movies: driving a vintage FIAT 500 across the Chianti hills and enjoy all the beauty of Tuscany. This is how it actually felt! While Matej was driving I was just amazed by the scenery, the typical Tuscany scenery...I almost forgot how beautiful it can be. At that time you can't help yourself but feel the freedom in your heart. When you feel like nothing else matters, no worry is big enough and you are just filled with happiness. It was the best birthday gift for my Matej. There was not enough space on my phone to film everything! After a while we had stopped in a small town - Castellina in Chianti which is located in the province in Siena. Btw their gelato tastes like heaven. After a quick sight-seeing we were taken to Poggio Amorelli where we had the wine tasting and the delicious lunch. Our last stop was in Radda - Chianti where you can see one of the nicest panoramic Tuscan views. It was time to end the tour and go back. 254E9EE2-F253-48A5-BD2F-7B732D444A1F IMG_3223 C8152AE3-6AED-42A9-8DEF-AC0917D3B579 IMG_4346 IMG_5598


Yellow Skirt Yellow Top Red Sleeve DressRed Swimsuit Mini Skirt

We went back to our to do last few pictures with the cute Vintage Fiat500. We were greeted by Dario - Resort's Business Developement Manager and he always made sure we have everything we need. I have expressed my excitement for the usage of their SPA -  especially the massage - which was the next day and he had booked the treatment for me. Very thoughtful and nice. It was time for us to relax by the pool a little bit before dinner, ohh it was sooo good as the day was crazy hot (40 degrees!!!). The pool was just the perfect ending. After that we had the dinner at the resort and I have to say that Matej was extremely impressed by the dinner. He loved the cook's signature dish - risotto with chicken liver which was a starter. He kept saying that it was one of his top risottos he ever tried. The food was really good. And we had a nice sunset scenery - so romantic. We were full and tired so it was time for us to go to bed. Btw - the bed was really comfortable which I think is really important. Next day it was time for the SPA - yay! The shuttle picked us up and took us there to have a relaxing time. I have to say the place is beautiful - it is a few minute drive from the resort and you have the shuttle that takes the guests there and back. We were so impressed once we saw their outdoor pool with natural spring waters & waterfall. I loved the water temperature as it was just about right for me to go in. Usually every sea/pool is too cold for me haha. The last thing on my list was the massage. I had a quick relaxing massage with Sorella and it was heaven! The pressure was just about right and their Clarins products smelled amazing. It was time to go back to reality and fly to our London. Tuscany we will see you next year. Thank you again to La Bagnaia Golf & Spa resort for having us and to MyTour for the amazing experience!  

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