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Hotel Pullman Barcelona Skipper pullman-barcelona-skipper Hi lovelies! Thank you for visiting my blog every and each one of you are appreciated. So this time around we went to beautiful Barcelona and I wanted to share it with you! We have stayed at the Hotel Pullman Barcelona Skipperand if you want to know how it looked like I believe the picture above says it all. Keep reading.. pullman_barcelona_skipper_gallery_09 pullman_barcelona_skipper_gallery_073 pullman_barcelona_skipper_gallery_024 0EC0D916-E321-4FB8-B690-99B9D8859820 26839350 818F40AC-A49B-4E72-B568-89F48C183BB5 A2C58106-4C7E-46E6-A17E-DB0F630C11E0 ACF70310-A099-4121-A822-1A3F965C710A When deciding where to stay you always want to make sure you book a hotel on a good location. We really wanted to be close to the beach and have the sea view so Hotel Pullman Barcelona Skipper was the perfect choice for us! A quick drive from the airport with a taxi. It took us about 25min. If you're wondering taxi will cost you about 30eur. We were looking if Spain has Uber however I don't think they do. We were greeted nicely and when arrived to our room we also received a bucket with Sangria bottle which was a nice touch. Room had the sea view and we loved it. Hotel also has a rooftop and a pool. Regardless of the fact that it is November it was really warm and people were swimming in the pool - it just felt like summer. This is what I really like about Barcelona - it feels like it's summer all year long. You also have the option of SPA if you need a bit of relaxing time. Oh btw - I have to gush about their breakfast - wow! the selection was amazing I and I ended up with 3 plates of different food selection. Also can I mention I ate 6 little choc croissants. Good that my other days I eat my nuMe slimming and beauty food to keep in shape. We have decided to have a nice walk to the city centre and go towards La Rambla. We got a bit hungry for tapas haha. Funny - we found it a bit hard to find the authentic tapas the ones with bread...everyone was trying to do the modern tapas version. However at the end we have found Orio BCN Tapas.Love their system. You can take tapas yourself and they would charge you per number of toothpicks you have on plate. Each tapa has a 1 toothpick. How cool is that? :). We didn't do any sightseeing as we have both been to BCN previously, I actually lived there few years ago. Fun fact: this is why I speak Spanish :).  

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