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Where To Stay In Macau Macau has become a popular destination for travellers from around the world. Known largely for casinos, resorts, and other entertaining venues, the region is also very interesting from a cultural standpoint. It was a Portuguese territory until the end of the 20th century, yet is located in the South of China. Thus you can imagine the blend of influences in everything from architecture to cuisine. Long story short: there’s plenty you can see and enjoy on a trip to Macau! You need only decide on where to stay in Macau. And for that, we’ve got you covered.   HyattMacau-1 Grand Hyatt Macau As one rating expert wrote, the twin towers of the Grand Hyatt Macau "embrace everything that anyone might expect"from an international hotel: food, accommodations, entertainment and service, all available and all top-notch. The buildings themselves are striking – towering all-glass structures that are the color of an evening sky, and which seem at times to shimmer against the night. They’re on the edge of the main casino resort area in Macau, and thus make for an excellent place to stay if you’d like to take part in all the activity but not necessarily reside in the midst of it. GrandColoane_1 Grand Coloane Resort If you’re looking for a luxury resort but you’d like to escape the hub of towering casinos, Grand Coloane is certainly one option to keep in mind. As opposed to the typical skyscraper hotels of the area, the Grand Coloane is more of a sprawling resort by the water. The grounds are impeccable, the rooms are attached to massive terraces, and the area is known as a popular golf retreat as well. This is perhaps the best place in Macau for a vacation that isn’t necessarily focused on casinos and entertainment, but rather on pure relaxation and natural beauty. VenetianMacau_1 Venetian Macau This is about as nice a resort as you can find in the world if your goal is to stay in one place. That’s not to say it isn’t near other attractions – it’s right on the Cotai Strip (essentially the Las Vegas-like area of Macau) – but the restaurants, gaming facilities, spas, pools, and the sheer size of the place can all make it tempting to stay put. The rooms are large and luxurious at the Venetian, and the theme (designed to mimic the city of Venice in Italy) may be rendered even more effectively than at the Las Vegas version of the hotel. This is also specifically the hotel to target if you’re interested in Macau’s casino culture. Noting that Macau can rival Vegas for gamers, a piece looking over the 10 best casinos on Earth called the Venetian Macau “perhaps the best of all” the local resorts. RitzCarltonMacau_1 Pousada De Sao Tiago Macao Trip Savvy counted up the best hotels in Macau and listed Pousada De Sao Tiago Macao in the top five, starting a mini-review with the phrase, “climb inside Macao’s Portuguese history.” That indeed is the idea at this particular hotel, which celebrates that aforementioned Portuguese influence on the area. The hotel is actually built in what was once a fortress back in the 1600's, and it maintains a strong sense of history. Some of the furnishings are vintage, and while modern luxury is emphasised the decor is faithful to the building’s origins. Like the Grand Coloane Resort, it’s also set apart from the loud and busy centre of Macau, playing to the natural splendour of the area. Moving from your room to the terrace bar, where you can look out to sea and sip a cocktail, you’ll feel like it’s among the very best hotels on the planet. The Ritz-Carlton Ritz-Carlton hotels tend to be excellent no matter where they are, and Macau is definitely not an exception. This is a five-star resort near the Cotai Strip, but set back enough to feel like something of an oasis. It is perhaps a particularly good hotel to keep in mind if you’re after amenities more than entertainment. The Ritz-Carlton Café is an opulent masterpiece of a restaurant, and Lai Heen is one of the best Chinese eateries in the area. Additionally, the spa facilities at the Ritz-Carlton are perhaps unrivaled – though small enough that you’ll want to make sure you book treatments in advance.

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